CONNUC secondary rectifier spot&projection welding machine is a newly developed machine that works directly on object with DC.This DC power is received from secondary winding of large power si-diode of welding transformer.The current is changed from AC to DC to weld the parts.The secondary of transformer is a direct current return routine,so the transformer has very small inductance ,compared with the similar family of spot welding machines,its power factor is much higher.Direct current heating can avoid energy loss caused by the decreasing of AC amplitude,and also prevent sparking as of over current at peak value .compared with other similar products,it requires less rated capacity and also high welding quality when welding the same thickness materials. Besides welding general materials,it is suitable for multi-layers steel sheet welding, over 4MM+4mm aluminum product welding, aluminum alloy welding. It gives good welding quality.
Rectifier DC welding machine
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