Capacitor discharge welding machine attention points for worker!
Issue Time:2016-07-25

Although capacitor discharge welding machine has good welding effect, but the worker who operate the equipment needs to pay more attention during welding otherwise it could easily cause accidents. Then here to introduce you some careful points:

1. The capacitor discharge welding machine is preferably used indoors, and also need to ensure reliability of the ground connection. For multiple welding machines installed together, ensures more than 3 meters  distance between each machine, it is very convenient for subsequent use and maintenance.

2. Before using capacitor discharge welding, need to check the pressure to ensure that the pressure mechanism is flexible and the clamp fixture is strong, so to ensure machine to work normal welding.

3. Before using capacitor discharge welding machine,  the voltage needs to be adjusted depending on the welding material, the diameter of the workpiece can not exceed the rated value, otherwise it is very easy to work wrongly.

4. If the welded workpiece is too long, it is preferable to use the carriage rack,  cope with transmission job to do the welding, prevent sparkle damage.

Workers need to be careful in welding, so to ensure the welding quality, and reduce the probability of accident risks.
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