What kind of tubes can be seam welded?
Update Time:2017-08-07

Production of seam welded Tubes:

Welded tubes are produced by resistance seam welding. Tubes are produced from strips which are wrapped on spool with trimmed edges. The width of strip should be slightly bigger than the periphery of the tube to be produced to take care for the loss of metal in flashout. The strip is fed through set of forming rollers to form first the shape of the tube and then it is passed under the seam welding rolls. Under seam welding rolls the edges are butt welded with some flash out on the joint. This flash out is trimmed and then tubes are cut to required size. The process is shown in Figures 11.10 & 11.11.

Fig 11.10: Forming of Tube from Strip

Fig 11.11: Seam Welding of Tube

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