What is the projection welding?
Update Time:2017-08-07
Projection Welding:

Projections are little projected raised points which offer resistance during passage of current and thus generating heat at those points. These projections collapse under heated conditions and pressure leading to the welding of two parts on cooling. The operation is performed on a press welding machine and components are put between water cooled copper platens under pressure. Figures 11.8 and 11.9 illustrate the principle of resistance projection welding.

Fig 11.8: Resistance Projection Welding Machine

These projections can be generated by press working or machining on one part or by putting some external member between two parts. Members such as wire, wire ring, washer or nut can be put between two parts to generate natural projection.

Insert electrodes are used on copper platen so that with continuous use only insert electrodes are damaged and copper platen is safe. Relatively cheaper electrode inserts can be easily replaced whenever these are damaged.

Fig 11.9: Formation of Welds from Projections on Components

Projection welding may be carried out with one projection or more than one projections simultaneously.

No consumables are required in projection welding. It is widely being used for fastening attachments like brackets and nuts etc to sheet metal which may be required in electronic, electrical and domestic equipment.

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